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Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Little Information About This Blog

This post is for the readers of this blog who are genuine believers in God and Jesus Christ, who want accurate and sincere information about Bible prophecies and sincere opinions of the writer of this Blog. The information I post on this blog is meant to bring people back to God and Bible principles and to inspire a genuine and reverential fear of God. I started this blog after posting various spiritual posts on another blog I have and then wanting to put all my spiritual posts in one central location. So that being said, I now am going to address some things that I have found on the Internet attached to the name Iamabeliever12. This blog is the main blog where I now post my spiritual posts as of about a year now. So any posts of this nature now are directly posted only here. I have found that the Internet is overrun with fake and deceptive websites that are put up to take the attention away from a genuine website and put the focus on the deceptive website and to falsely make people believe that a poster is leading a double life on the Internet, with all sorts of posts being posted falsely on behalf of the original and true website and poster. These same people, in my case have routinely searched out anything I put up on the Internet pertaining to God, Jesus Christ or the Bible or anything about myself in general or anything I put up on the Internet in order to deface and defame whatever good it is that I am trying to put out to readers of my posts or other materials that I am the genuine author of. These same people will put up fake websites, with the identical name of my webpages, inflammatory fake posts, also with the same names of any of my Blogs or webpages, in order to deceive the general public and readers of my posts and to defame my genuine and original website. So I decided to put up this post to address this practice that is both damaging and tries to damage the character of a Blogger. Also, these same people are criminals and thieves who steal passwords and bank information in order to clean out people's bank accounts and to financially destroy people. The majority of these criminals do not work and need money in order to live and will do anything criminally to get it. These criminals are a permanent lower class of society. Even the ones who do this type criminal activity who don't need the money, who do so for kicks and personal fulfillment, are basically people with nothing else better to do who, in my opinion, and are simply evil and do not neither know nor fear God. Some of these criminals' main objective is to defame the character of the Blogger due to their feelings of superiority & power, and hatred for anyone who believes in a Supreme Being or who in their sick minds, has the nerve to blog anything about God. So for this reason I decided to put up this post to alert the readers of this Blog that I myself and everything I put up on the Internet are the target of criminals who essentially hate God. They also despise people who Blog about God or anything pertaining to the Bible in general. These same criminals will use their skills to hack into websites and try to totally destroy anyone and everyone who they believe to be a threat to themselves whether real or imagined. In my case these criminals have targeted all my Blogger pages by using identical names & putting up posts on websites to make it appear that those posts came from myself when they did not. Now when I Google the name iamabeliever12 my true pages come up, but also pages from someone else with the same name using another email address, which I am not connected with. Only God can help these criminals and have mercy on them. So in closing, I am the true author of the posts on IAMABELIEVER12 on Blogger and DO NOT have any emails connected to this Blog other than IAMABELIEVER12@GMAIL.COM and my other Blogger page under the name NAPNATURAL, which the same criminals have tried to deface also. If anyone has any questions about any of my posts or any questions about anything posted on the Internet under the name IAMABELIEVER12, please email me at IAMABELIEVER12@GMAIL.COM. Check out my video on Youtube. Thank you and God bless you!

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